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Ornella C. Weideli, PhD 

science | awareness | mentoring | exploration

Photo © Hannah Medd | ASC

We are born with a natural interest about the living world. As we grow older, many of us, however, lose this fascination...  

It is my mission to get our interest back,
so we can take responsibility and action.

And this is how I am achieving this:

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Anchor News

New Story
10th February 2023

New book published in Oetinger Verlag with one of my personal childhood stories (in German).


New Job
1st July 2022

New job as Senior Director Marine Science at Soneva Fushi in the Maldives. 


New Article
15th March 2022

New article published in the online version of Tagesanzeiger, Der Bund, BZ & Basler Zeitung (only available in German).


New Article
14th December 2022

New article published in the magazine 1602  of the Private University of Liechtenstein

(in German).


Scientific Publication
22nd June 2022

New paper published in the open access journal BMJ Open


New Article
1st March 2022

New article published in the newspaper Bärnerbär (only available in German).


Scientific Publication
27th September 2022

New paper published as open access in the journal MDPI

Applied Sciences

Screenshot 2022-05-30 165719_edited.jpg

New Podcast
23rd May 2022

New Gills Club podcast

available on Spotify

bouyoucos et al. 2022_2.JPG

Scientific Publication
20th January 2022

New article published in Marine Ecology Progress Series

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