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Ornella C. Weideli, PhD 

science | awareness | mentoring | exploration

Photo © Hannah Medd | ASC

We are born with a natural interest about the living world. As we grow older, many of us, however, lose this fascination...  

It's my mission to get our interest back so we can take responsibility and take action.

And this is how I am achieving this:

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Anchor News
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Upcoming Panel
17. June 2024

Upcoming panel discsussion at the Global SNSF Fellows Network in Bern (CH). 


7th April 2024

Shark presentation at

Dive festival in Bern (CH). 


Scientific Publication 
26th June  2023

New paper published

as open access in

 MDPI Diagnostics.


Upcoming Seminar
18./19.  October 2024

Upcoming seminar at

Grenzdenken in Ermatingen (CH) 

shark night.jpg

5th December 2023

Shark presentation

at TSK in Zurich (CH).

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Feature Article 
11th May  2023

New article published in

TODAY (Seychelles).

traum realität.JPG

6th April 2024

Panel discussion at

Dive festival in Bern (CH). 

mdpi diagnostics wohlwend.png

Scientific Publication 
12th September 2023

New paper published

as open access in

 MDPI Diagnostics.

debaere et al. 2023.JPG

Scientific Publication 
9th May  2023

New paper published in Conservation Physiology.

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