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Scientific research

Photo © Malini Pittet


I am a biologist that is passionate about the ocean and marine predators, and I'm especially drawn towards sharks. Most of my research so far has focused on sharks' population ecology. trophic ecology and shark conservation.   

My research interests

For my PhD project I've been investigating the coexistence of two juvenile shark species and the possible effects of competition on the species' ecological niches. This work has been conducted in Seychelles and French Polynesia through collaborations with the CRIOBE & the Save Our Seas Foundation - D'Arros Research Centre (SOSF - DRC).

See publication list for study findings.


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Photo © Ornella Weideli

Photo © Michael Scholl

I'm further involved in multiple international collaborations investigating the trophic ecology and anthropogenic impacts on the ecology and physiology of sharks. This research takes place in Southern Florida in collaboration with the American Shark Conservancy, in Moorea, French Polynesia with the Physioshark Project, and in the Gulf of Mexico in a collaboration with Texas A&M University at Galveston.  


Photos © Hannah Medd | ASC

The research I've been conducting is possible due to a range of collaborations with great partner organizations and funding bodies from around the world.

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Photo © Ryan Daly | SOSF

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