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Dr. Ornella C. Weideli 

Since Dr. Ornella C. Weideli first set foot into the shark world in the Bahamas in 2009, Ornella has been fascinated by sharks. To follow her passion, Ornella earned a Master in Science and a PhD studying juvenile sharks in the Bahamas, Seychelles, and French Polynesia. Her research projects and international collaborations are published in international peer-reviewed journals. During her studies, Ornella also used her broad knowledge and experiences to raise awareness for the protection of sharks and generally about the oceans. She has appeared in multiple TV documentaries in the US, France, Germany, and Switzerland, spoken on the radio and has given numerous interviews for international magazines and newspapers. Her media and scientific appearances have made her become a role model and a mentor for younger students and ocean enthusiasts. With Blancpain's support, Ornella will continue following her passion and increase her impact on raising awareness for sharks and their habitats.

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"Whenever I dive and see sharks in the water, I forget everything around me. The unique way they move though the water never ceases to amaze me." 

Dr. Ornella Weideli, shark biologist & scientific communicator 

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